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Jasmine Women R0 (Hong Kong Import) -
Releasedatum: 29 augustus 2006
"Jasmine Women" is the story of three generations of women from the same Shanghai, China family: mother, daughter and granddaughter. In Mo's story (1930's), Mo (Zhang Ziyi), living with her mother (Joan Chen), meets Mr. Meng (Jiang Wen), manager of a movie studio. A close relationship with Meng makes her dream of becoming a movie star come true and leaves her pregnant and abandoned by Meng after the Japanese invasion of China. She blames her daughter, Li, for all she's lost. In Li's story (1950's), Li (Zhang Ziyi) has lived a life of great misery. She marries Zou Jie (Lu Yi) just to leave her mother, Mo (Joan Chen). Unable to bear a child of her own, she adopts a baby girl, Hua. In time, her paranoia leads Zou commit suicide. In Hua's story (1980's), Hua (Zhang Ziyi) is raised by her grandmother, Mo (Joan Chen). Mo treated her own daughter very badly but finds comfort in caring for her granddaughter. Hua decides to end her marriage to Xia Du (Liu Ye), because of his infidelity, though she's already pregnant. Years later, Du returns to find Hua happily remarried...

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