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Heavy Metal Parking Lot (Region 0 - Ntsc) -
Releasedatum: 10 augustus 2006
The 1986 underground documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot captures metalhead fans in their mid-80's glory. It's a bootleg favorite among musicians, movie stars and cult-video fans worldwide. This authorized edition includes the uncut documentary, digitally-transferred from the original -inch master videotape. Plus more than 2 hours of original content! Joint filmmakers John Heyn & Jeff Krulik on their nearly two-decade quest to turn Heavy Metal Parking Lot into an overnight sensation.

DVD Extra's:
-Director's Commentary -Pop-up Scene Selection -Outtakes -Subtitles - Karaoke Parking Lot -Sequels -Parking Lot Alumni Reunions -Tributes & Knock-Offs -Filmographies & Funny Films -Visit the Heavy Metal Basement -Dub-o-Vision - watch a 10th-generation VHS Copy -Theme songs, music videos, interviews & more

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