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Ghetto Freaks/Way Out (Region 1) - Ghetto Freaks & Way Out
Releasedatum: 2 november 2004
Hanging out at a late-sixties rock club, stoner-freak Sonny watches as a wealthy mother tries to "rescue" her daughter from the corrupting hippie environment. Acting quickly, Sonny slips the girl the address of his nearby House of Hippies and, moments later, she's taking her first LSD trip and having group sex on the floor! Sonny then shows her the joys of panhandling and the thrill of protesting in the park before some drug dealers remind everyone that reality really sucks.... Originally released as both Sign of Aquarius and Love Commune, this stoned-out slice of hippie life -- filmed in Cleveland of all places -- was rereleased as Ghetto Freaks courtesy of a bogus blaxploitation ad campaign and the addition of two minutes of new footage featuring the black leader of a kinky love cult. Plus: From Irvin S. Yeaworth, the director of The Blob, 4D Man and Dinosaurus, comes Way Out, an intense and surprisingly affecting story of Puerto Rican drug addicts in the Bronx. Frankie and Jim are best buddies who enjoy getting high until their addiction to heroin forces them to burrow through a harrowing underworld of fellow junkies, crime, and violence where their only goal is "to get that fix, get that fix...." With a cast comprised entirely of real-life former addicts -- who break character at the end to provide a startling and hopeful coda -- "this is a crazy Way Out world which squares just won't believe...."

DVD Extra's:
Trailers. Narcotics - The inside story.

€ 15.99

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