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Forbidden Adventure/Forbidden Women (Region 1) - Forbidden Adventure & Forbidden Wom
Releasedatum: 11 juli 2006
Monkey-loving women! That's the jaw-dropping gimmick at the core of FORBIDDEN ADVENTURE, one of the most outrageous films ever unleashed. Supposedly based on a 1912 expedition to Cambodia, two explorers lead a safari of topless native women (who, allegedly, were recruited from a Los Angeles whorehouse!) to the lost city of Angkor and find it jealously guarded by apes. Amazingly, the 'monkey domination' that destroyed Angkor centuries ago begins to affect the women of the safari who join the apes for a little 'monkey adoration' of their own: 'The monkey worship had our girls in its grasp!' Alternately known as ANGKOR and THE GORILLA WOMAN, this mind-melting mix of racism and Darwinian excess was theatrically released by the notorious Dwain Esper (MANIAC) and ran afoul of censors almost everywhere it played. WOW! Plus: When young Prince Sigore returns to his home 'on an Unknown Island in the South Pacific,' he has two goals: to bring democracy to his people and, yup, visit the FORBIDDEN WOMEN in the Temple of the Golden Chamber. There, he's promptly poisoned by the Sultan's evil sister-in-law who appoints herself ruler and opens the royal torture chamber for business in this sultry stew of Philippine footage and US-added nudity!

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