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3 Dev Adam R2 (Greek Import) -
Releasedatum: 14 juni 2006
The Mexican national Superhero, Santo, and America's number one Superhero, Captain America, are in Turkey. On vacation? No! They just want to stop a Super Villain called Spider Man before he destroys the whole world! ONAR FILMS boastfully presents the most cult Turkish movie of all times, 3 DEV ADAM a.k.a THE THREE MIGHTY MEN a.k.a THE 3 GIANTS a.k.a CAPTAIN AMERICA AND SANTOS VS SPIDER MAN, for the first time on official subtitled DVD. As always, from the last surviving material, which means that picture perfection has nothing to do with this release, so, picture perfectionists beware!

DVD Extra's:
3 Interviews with Aytekin Akkaya(Captain America)- T. Fikret Ucak(director)- Dogan Tamer(Inspector) (Turkish with English subtitles). Biographies. Filmographies. Photogallery. Trailers. Limited to 1200 individually numbered copies.

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