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Convoy Busters (Region 1) - Massi, Stelvio
Releasedatum: 27 juni 2006
Busted down from homicide for arresting a diamond smuggler with friends in high places, hardboiled cop Olmi (the late great Maurizio Merli, star of VIOLENT NAPLES and THE CYNIC, THE RAT, AND THE FIST) joins Rome’s emergency squad, where his extreme tactics make him a target of both the mob and the press. After killing an innocent man he mistakes for an assassin, Olmi has himself transferred to a quiet beat on the Adriatic coast. Finding love in the arms of a beautiful schoolteacher, Olmi’s carefree existence is shot to Hell after he crosses paths with a gang of vicious gun runners operating out of the local port. When Olmi takes his .45 snub-nose out of storage, all hell breaks loose under the Tuscan sun. Known in Italy as Un Poliziotto Scomodo (“The Inconvenient Cop”), CONVOY BUSTERS features Maurizio Merli in one of his last poliziotteschi assignments. Gorgeous Olga Karlatos (KEOMA, Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE) and the ever-evil Massimo Serrato (THE 10TH VICTIM, AUTOPSY) costar in a fast-paced action vehicle fueled by slashed throats, charred corpses and 100% Italian machismo, directed by Stelvio Massi (EMERGENCY SQUAD, THE LAST ROUND) and with a cool Euro-Cult score by Stelvio Cipriani (38 COLT SPECIAL SQUAD).

DVD Extra's:
Merli on Merli – a conversation with actor Maurizio Matteo Merli (son of star Maurizio Merli). A Star Was Born – a conversation with journalist Eolo Capacci. My Good Fella Maurizio – a conversation with actor Enio Girolami. ER Prota – a conversation with director Enzo G. Castellari. Bullet in the Closet – a conversation with director Ruggero Deodato. COP ON FIRE Trailer – an upcoming poliziotteschi starring Maurizio Matteo Merli. Poster and Still Gallery .

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