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Isabella R0 (Hong Kong Import) - Limited Edition
Releasedatum: 2 juni 2006
On the eve of Macauís handover to China, police officer SHING (Chapman To) is having the worst time of his life. Suspended for suspected corruption, he tries to find solace with an elfin creature by the name of YAN (Isabella Leong) whom he just picks up. As he tries to smooth-talk her to bed, she suddenly snaps back with the biggest turn-off imaginable: that she is the daughter he never knew existed! While Shing desperately tries to hold himself together, his bachelor life inevitably falls apart as Yan insists on living under his roof. Together the two of them start roaming through exotic Macau, tracking down Yan's missing puppy and striving to acquaint with each other.

DVD Extra's:
Audio commentary. Making of. Deleted scene. Berlin Tour. Interview. Music Video. Trailer. TV spot. Photo gallery. Plus: a special post card booklet.

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