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Zina R2 (Uk Import) - Mcmullen, Ken
Releasedatum: 12 juni 2006
A twentieth century Antigone, Zina evokes the life of Zina Bronstein, daughter of Leon Trotsky. In 1930ís Berlin, Zina is being treated by Professor Kronfeld and during this psychoanalysis, which includes some hypnosis, she recalls incidents both from her own life and that of her father, as a leader of the revolution, as the holder of state power and later in exile. Against the background of the progessive deterioration of the situation in Europe, threatened by the rise of fascism and the spectre of the Second World War, Zinaís identification with Antigone becomes more and more credible. What were her hallucinations begin to take objective form on the streets. The dynamics of Greek tragedy, always waiting in the wings, step forward to take control.

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