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Peacock King R2 (Uk Import) - Choi, Nam Nai
Releasedatum: 19 juni 2006
It's Armageddon time on earth as the four Gates of Hell begin to open up in the unlikeliest of places. The first gate unleashes the combined demonic forces of the dangerously sensuous Hell's Witch, Raga (Pauline Wong), and the sexy but deceptively coy Hell's Virgin, Ashura (Gloria Yip), whose mission is to ensure the subsequent gates are allowed to open without resistance. According to legend, the opening of the fourth gate will set loose the King of Hell himself upon the earth and cast the world into infinite darkness. Mankind's only chance of survival lies in the hands of two amiable monks, the Chinese Peacock (Yuen Biao) and his Japanese counterpart Lucky Fruit (Hiroshi Mikami), each endowed with magical skills and a dazzling array of martial arts skills. Unexpectedly crossing paths at the location of the second gate situated beneath a Tokyo department store! this mystical duo decides to team up to fight the twin forces of evil before it's too late. But first, Peacock and Lucky Fruit must deal with Raga and Ashura's earthly accomplices a cult of devil worshippers led by the ruthless Kubira (Gordon Liu).

DVD Extra's:
Yuen Biao on The Peacock King. Yuen Biao on Zu Warriors. Fantasy Comes To Life including bonus preview of Initial D. Drift Racer. Original theatrical trailer. UK promotional trailer. Further attractions.

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