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Tales Of Ordinary Madness R2 (Uk Import) - Ferreri, Marco
Releasedatum: 29 mei 2006
Tales Of Ordinary Madness stars Ben Gazzara as Charles Serking, a down and out, hard-drinking poet fascinated by the lives of the people he calls the "lost angels" of Hollywood and LA the alcoholics, the prostitutes, the emotionally disturbed and the homeless. Embarking upon a dark journey through the city's squalid underbelly, he begins a series of sexual encounters with a variety of outcasts, from an underage runaway to a punk nymphomaniac he spies on Venice Beach. His one chance at some kind of redemption appears to lie in the arms of a beautiful self-mutilating hooker, Cass (Ornella Muti), who he meets in a run-down Hollywood bar. Ferreri's inspired take on the works of Bukowski adds a dark erotic quality to the film that is brilliantly enhanced by the superb production design and art direction of Dante Ferretti, the atmospheric music of composer Philippe Sarde and a standout performance by Ben Gazzara. Also included is another film from Ferreri, Touche Pas A La Femme Blanche (1974) - a surreal and bizarre satire on America's treatment of Native Americans and the idolisation of their heroes. A very different view of the legend of the Wild West! Starring Catherine Deneuve and Phillipe Noiret.

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