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Igpx, Vol. 2 (Region 1) - Igpx 2
Releasedatum: 11 april 2006
Team Satomi was just dealt their first crushing defeat by Team Velshtein but they donít have time to mope around or fight among themselves. Their next race is a cat versus dog battle as Luca and the team goes up against Team Edgeraid and their dog mascot, Sola. Will it just be a dog-chase-cat race? At the annual IGPX Festival, the team finally gets some time to relax in between races but Takeshi gets pumped up for the exhibition time trials as he tries to beat Cunninghamís record-breaking time. And off the course, sparks begin to fly as things heat up between Takeshi and Fantine, but can he stay cool enough to beat her in the next race against Team Skylark?

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