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Breasts: A Documentary (Region 1) - Spadola, Meema
Releasedatum: 21 maart 2006
Twenty-two women - most topless, all candid - reveal how their breasts have shaped their lives, from puberty to sex to motherhood and beyond. Interspersed throughout are precious archival gems, including a racy 1920s cartoon, a 1950s beauty pageant and a 1970s bra commercial. Representing a wide range of age, size, race and background, the participants in BREASTS include an 11-year-old on the verge of puberty; a breast-feeding mother; a 24-year-old with a breast reduction; a stripper with implants; two women with mastectomies; a beautiful transsexual; a 420 pound comedienne; and two mother-daughter pairs. Their candid interviews (shot by an all-woman crew) are humorous, moving, and often surprising.

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