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Hooked/The Flaming Teenage (Region 1) - Hooked & Flaming Teenage
Releasedatum: 4 april 2006
When sourpuss cop Lieutenant Lacey investigates the disappearance of 17-year-old Ray Bowman, he uncovers a small town festering with high-school hipsters eager to get Hooked! Sure enough, not only does Bowman turn out to be "a confirmed heroin addict" but a dead one as well -- killed by "a hot shot" when he tries to buy a fix on credit. Lacey quickly sends two undercover cops into the field -- including director Alexander Wells, posing as a "joypopper" -- who zero in on a 21-year-old pusher and his thrill-seeking underage girlfriend who want to introduce a super-square straight-A student to their dope-crazed friends. Also released as Narcotics Squad and Curfew Breakers, Hooked is a gleefully lurid cross between a JD flick, Reefer Madness, and Dragnet from the be-bob bleakness of the 1950s! Plus: From director Irvin S. Yeaworth, the man who made The Blob, 4-D Man and Way Out, comes the "True-Life Story" of Fred Garland, a liquor-lovin' talent agent, swindler, and "complete bum" who gets hooked on heroin and ends up becoming... a preacher! Shot in 1952 as Twice Convicted, the film eventually mutated into The Flaming Teenage when additional non-Yeaworth footage was added of teenage alcoholics making damn fools of themselves!

DVD Extra's:
Classic Classroom Scare Short: "Drug Addiction". Classic Sid Davis Short: "Alcohol is Dynamite". National Woman's Temperance Union Short: "The Choice Is Yours". Trailers.

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