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Perdita Durango Uncut R2 (Uk Import) - Iglesia, Alex De La
Releasedatum: 6 maart 2006
An explosive cocktail of humour, love, sex and obsessive ultra violence, based on the novel by Barry Gifford, writer of 'Wild At Heart'. 'Perdita Durango' will take you on a journey few dare take and from which few will return... Based on the further adventures of Perdita Durango (Rosie Perez - 'Do The Right Thing'), the spirited femme fatale from 'Wild At Heart'. Perdita is an unscrupulous woman who loves taking people for a ride and living life to the limit. Romeo Dolorosa (Javier Bedem - 'The Sea Inside'), her demonic lover is dark, sensual, highly daring and a shaman. Amid a surge of desert heat and dust the destinies of Perdita and Romeo become one... and no one or nothing can put a stop to it. Determined to become the most powerful outlaws in the country, Perdita and Romeo are hired by the Mafia to transport an illegal cargo of 'human ingredients' from Mexico to Las Vegas. Together the wanton spitfire and her psychic drug-dealer lover set the Tex-Mex border alight with their torrid passions, bizarre kidnapping crimes and black magic rituals. An excitingly different road movie, spiked with quirky action, mordant humour and twisted terror, 'Perdita Durango' co-stars James Gandolfino ('The Sopranos'), Aimee Graham ('CSI')and Blues legend Screaming Jay Hawkins. From Alex de la Iglesia, acclaimed director of 'Accion Mutante' and 'Day of the Beast'.

DVD Extra's:
Featuring 5 additional minutes cut by the BBFC upon its original DVD release and presented in its original widescreen ratio; Memo from the BBFC regarding Perdita's' rocky journey through the censors at Soho Square, 'Perdita Durango at the BBFC'; Theatrical trailer.

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