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Ordet R2 (Uk Import) - Dreyer, Carl Theodor
Releasedatum: 25 februari 2006
A tale of miraculous resurrection brought about by human love, Carl Dreyer's Ordet is an extraordinary expression of spiritual optimism without being either sentimental or pious. Religious intolerance and family tensions lie at the heart of the film, which explores the clash between orthodox religions and true faith. Dreyer achieves its powerful effects in deceptively simple ways, and has produced, in its closing moments, one of the most extraordinary scenes in all cinema. Winner, Golden Lion, 1955 Venice Film Festival.

DVD Extra's:
Ordet Og Lyset (Helga Theilgaard, 2001, 33 mins) - a documentary about cinematographer Henning Bendtsen and the making of Ordet. Thorvaldsen (Dreyer, 1949, 10 mins). Storstrom Bridge (Dreyer, 1950, 7 mins). Fully illustrated booklet including essays by Dreyer scholar Casper Tybjerg (University of Copenhagen) and Philip Horne (University College London).

€ 27.99

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