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Tintin Et Moi R2 (Uk Import) - Ostergaard, Anders
Releasedatum: 13 maart 2006
Anders Østergaard's award-winning documentary Tintin Et Moi presents a fascinating insight into the mind of the man behind the Tintin phenomenon – creator, best-selling author and illustrator, Hergé. Tintin Et Moi is based on a series of conversations Hergé had with actor, writer and director Numa Sadoul over the course of several days in 1971. A student at the time of the interviews, Sadoul managed to record 14 hours of original audio material during which Hergé reveals the story behind Tintin. The film also presents an epic biography of Tintin's creator, as Hergé candidly confides in Sadoul, discussing such matters as his unhappy childhood, his struggles with Catholicism, his psychiatric problems and the breakup of his first marriage. Featuring on-screen contributions from "Tintinologists" Michael Farr (author of "Tintin: The Complete Companion"), Harry Thompson (the legendary British TV comedy producer and author of "Tintin: Hergé and His Creation") and Gérard Valet (director of 1976 documentary "Moi, Tintin"), as well as Fanny Rodwell, Hergé's second wife and founder of the Hergé Foundation, the film also includes footage of Hergé's meeting with pop artist Andy Warhol, himself a self-confessed Tintin fan and the painter of what is arguably Hergé's best known portrait.

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