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Cronos R2 (Uk Import) - Special Edition
Releasedatum: 13 februari 2006
The first feature from writer/director Guillermo del Toro ('Mimic', 'The Devil's Backbone'), 'Cronos' caused a sensation upon its release, winning several awards at many international film festivals, including Cannes and the Mexican Academy Awards. A modern vampire tale, elevated from the usual trappings of fangs and garlic, 'Cronos' is living evidence that the vampire movie is disturbingly undead, stylishly reworking the ancient themes of dread and desire in a sophisticated and unique way. Packed with startling imagery and a strong visual style, 'Cronos' is a fascinating fantasy from Mexico which pumps new blood into the old vampire legend.

DVD Extra's:
Commentary from Guillermo del Toro. Making Of Documentary. Interviews with Guillermo del Toro and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro. Storyboards and Sketches. Stills Gallery.

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