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Pom Poko R2 (Uk Import) - Takahata, Isao
Releasedatum: 30 januari 2006
Pom Poko is set on the outskirts of civilization, where a group of magical shape-shifting raccoons called the tanuki live happily together in the forest. Unfortunately, human construction workers arrive to build new homes for an expanding Tokyo. With their homes and way of life endangered, the tanuki decide to fight for their forest; disguising themselves as humans and sabotaging the building equipment. When their tactics fail to prevent a construction crew from forging the new suburb, the tanuki decide to use all of their powers in an awesome display of magic.

DVD Extra's:
Alternative Angle Storyboards. Original Trailers (7:53mins). Howl’s Moving Castle Trailer (1:34mins). Studio Ghibli Trailers (10:51mins).

€ 24.99

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