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According To Occam's Razor (Region 1) - Mora, Phillipe
Releasedatum: 6 december 2005
ACCORDING TO OCCAM'S RAZOR started out as a home movie for director Philippe Mora. But when his kids started seeing aliens and UFOs, it turned into an odyssey through the bizarre world, past and present, of UFO believers, charlatans and experts. Assembled over many years, the film is a unique look at the reality and fantasy of the "alien" phenomenon, which not only turned Mora's mind inside out, but will do the same to you. Starting with friends or acquaintances who said they had UFO experiences, Mora challenges himself and the viewer to judge who is telling the truth. Events escalate when he is invited to film an actual surgical procedure to remove an alleged alien implant; Mora films a surgery that clearly could not be faked. The out of bounds journey continues into the world of Nazi UFO's, Marilyn Monroeand aliens, remote viewing, presidential views on UFO's, scathing satire and a demonstration of the power of film and video itself to distort or magnify truth. Alien abduction, UFO's and alien life forms have been a staple of popular culture since Orson Welles' famous War of the Worlds broadcast in the Thirties. But things took a turn for the very strange in the Eighties when people started believing they had actually been abducted for real. Few are more familiar with this phenomenon than director Philippe Mora, who turned his old friend Whitley Strieber's book, COMMUNION, into a film starring Christopher Walken in 1989. That film permeated the culture and now the COMMUNION alien face is a pop icon. Thousands of people claimed they had been abducted. John Mack, M.D., at Harvard conducted a study and patients said the movie had brought back the real memories.

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