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Johnny Legend's Deadly Doubles 1 -
Releasedatum: 4 januari 2006
Arcanum Entertainment has teamed up with cult movie guru Johnny Legend to bring you Deadly Doubles, an ongoing series of double-feature DVDs showcasing the obscure and bizarre. Run with the "Way Out" guys and the "Make Out" girls as three teenage criminals break out of juvenile prison and head south to Mexico in Naked Youth, the mondo JD crime film by John F. Schreyer (his sole directorial effort), and starring Carol Ohmart (Spider Baby, House on Haunted Hill), Robert Hutton (Invisible Invaders, Slime People) and John Goddard. Filling out the bill on Deadly Doubles Volume One, don't miss Teen Mania an original Johnny Legend compilation of rare juvenile delinquent film trailers hosted by none other than Mr. Legend himself!

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