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King Kong Box Set (1933) R2 (Uk Import) - 4 Discs Box Set
Releasedatum: 19 december 2005
When a film crew pays a visit to a remote tropical island, they discover that its inhabitants are worshippers of a colossal ape called "Kong". The fearsome beast takes a shine to blonde bombshell Fay Wray, which leads to his downfall. Captured and brought to New York as a Broadway attraction, Kong escapes from his captors and goes on a rampage in Manhattan, searching for the woman he loves... The unforgettable climax set on the Empire State building guarantees that this 1933 classic will live forever in the legends of cinema. This release also features the colourised version of the 1933 original, the documentary 'It Was Beauty Killed The Beast', King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1963, directed by Ishirô Honda) and King Kong Escapes (1968, directed by Ishirô Honda).

DVD Extra's:
Booklet. Theatrical trailer for Peter Jackson's King Kong.

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