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Ultimate Degenerate/The Lusting Hou (Region 1) - Ultimate Degenerate & Lusting Hours
Releasedatum: 13 december 2005
Director Michael Findlay is Spencer, The Ultimate Degenerate, a crippled psycho in a wheelchair who fills his home with naked women who perform strange sex shows after he injects them with an aphrodisiac that gets them 'tuned-up for love.' But when Maria, a cheerful exhibitionist, visits his home, she quickly learns that Spencer, like this movie, is 'on the verge of insanity,' especially after she's given a drug that makes her both paranoid and a tad homicidal.... Another diseased masterpiece from Michael and Roberta Findlay, the twisted team responsible for The Touch of Her Flesh and Take Me Naked! Plus: Michael and Roberta Findlay are among the 'parasitic masters of perversion' -- along with call girls, lesbians, an S&M-loving photographer, and a whip-wielding transvestite -- who prowl during The Lusting Hours in this unhealthy expose of the world of hookers with a disquieting emphasis on the depraved! And: When 'an ordinary girl with an extraordinary body decides to put that body to work,' it can only end one way -- with a meat-cleaver massacre. Obviously. But first, of course, she must become a fashion model. All of which is detailed in In Hot Blood, a film that wastes no time diving headfirst into the gutter! So, c'mon! Let this Twisted Threesome suck you 'into a vortex of voluptuousness from which there is no escape!'

DVD Extra's:
Original trailers. Gallery of sexploitation ad art.

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