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Madlax, Vol. 5: Convergence (Region 1) - Madlax 5: Convergence
Releasedatum: 13 december 2005
The Elies Script - The Holy Words Of Saruon. A language long forgotten has awakened - and anyone who has allowed it to cross either their eyes of their lips has felt it's eerie repercussions. Just as detective MacLay Morini was closing in on a murder case, the words entranced him into mindless drone. Literary researcher Eric Gillian sought out the language's origin and ultimately committed suicide. Now, Madlax and Margaret Burton are on the verge of discovering the true meaning behind the words' powers. Enfant - The secretly controlled hub overlooking the transfer of all the world's digital data. Led by the mysterious Friday Monday, the Enfant network is a clandestine conglomerate of the powerful, the loyal and those unaware of the deceptive depths to which they are involved. Enfant sees all. Enfant knows all. Enfant is responsible for the deaths of Piederica and Anne Moray, the disappearance of Chris Krana, and most importantly, Enfant is the force perpetuating the war in Gazth-Sonika. And now, Enfant is after Madlax and Vanessa Rene.

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