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Elfen Lied, Vol. 4: Vector 4 (Region 1) - Elfen Lied 4: Vector 4
Releasedatum: 15 november 2005
It's the last volume of Elfen Lied. The mysterious organization protecting humanity from the deadly power of the Diclonius is face with the devil's bargain. Will they unleash #35, the deadliest mutant yet, to hunt Lucy down? Or, will they risk letting the notorious killer slip through the cracks? Things have never been easy for the young misfits at the heart of this battle, but they've never had it harder than this. As Kohta learns how Nyu's past is inextricably tied to his life's greatest tragedy, he may find that protecting her means destroying himself. Even those who have already lost pieces of themselves to this brutal fight have more to lose. As Nana goes from hunter to hunted, and Bandoh from lawman to outlaw, the shadow of death creeps closer. And what of the man who the Diclonius call "Papa"? How far will Kurama go? If he plans to save the world, this tormented father may have to give up the one thing in the world that he loves. If he plans to give up even more.

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