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Ross Mcelwee Dvd Collection (Region 1) - Ross Mcelwee Dvd Collection
Releasedatum: 22 november 2005
"For the past twenty-five years, Ross McElwee has given new meaning and flair to first-person non-fiction cinema. Always wise and irreverent, ever the unreliable narrator, McElwee makes the grandest themes of human comedy his artistic province: love and death, chance and fate, memory and denial, the marvelous and the appalling." (from THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART) "Accept no imitations: A film by Ross McElwee could be made by no other. Since his hilarious autobiographical breakthrough, Sherman's March, the profound artist-philosopher has been using his own life as a springboard to examine humankind's biggest issues, and tiniest. McElwee makes movies the way life might, ideally, be lived." (from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY) This new collection includes six of McElwee's best films, four of which have never been available on DVD.

DVD Extra's:
Two interviews with Ross McElwee. Outtakes with commentary. Bright Leaves follow-ups. Music tracks. Film notes. And more!

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