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Man Called Magnum, A (Region 1) - Massimo Tarantini, Michele
Releasedatum: 15 november 2005
A MAN CALLED MAGNUM stars Euro-hunk Luc Merenda, leading man of such two-fisted Italian action flicks as GAMBLING CITY and VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS. This time around, Merenda stomps the terra as Dario Mauri, a Milanese cop transferred to Naples, where his only clues to stopping a range war between an aging Mafiosi and a merciless independent operator are the strange, violent drawings of a child. Called Napoli si Ribella in Italy, this hopping poliziotteschi belongs to a subset of crime films associated with Naples, including Umberto Lenzi’s Napoli Violenta, Mario Caino’s Napoli Spara, Ciro Ippolito’s Lacrime Napulitane and Alfonso Brescia’s two-shot of Napoli… La Camorra Sfida, La Cittá Risponde and Napoli… Serenata Calibro 9. Shot by Sergio Rubini, behind the camera for such essential Italian crime flicks as EMERGENCY SQUAD and BRONX EXECUTIONER, A MAN CALLED MAGNUM also features such familiar Euro-cult faces as Giancarlo Badessi (TEPEPA, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE?), Ferdinando Murolo (ASSIGNMENT: TERROR, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS?), Claudio Gora (THE SECRET OF DR. MABUSE, DANGER: DIABOLIK), Adolfo Lastretti (SPASMO, FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE) and Enzo Cannavale (TAXI GIRL, CINEMA PARADISO), as Merenda’s comic sidekick. Director Michele Massimo Tarantini was a former cameraman for Sergio Leone and assistant director for Giuliano Carnimeo (THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS) and Sergio Martino (TORSO). Tarantini’s own films ranged from gritty action flicks (CRIMEBUSTERS) to sex comedies (A POLICEWOMAN IN NEW YORK) to women-in-prison films (WOMEN IN FURY). The script is the work of veteran scenarist Dardano Sacchetti, better known for his horror film work with Mario Bava (TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE), Dario Argento (CAT O’ NINE TAILS) and Lucio Fulci (THE BEYOND). NoShame Films is proud to present A MAN CALLED MAGNUM, uncut and uncensored, for the first time in America, fully loaded with enough extras to kill for.

DVD Extra's:
Milan Naples One Way Only – Interview with star Luc Merenda. Audio commentary with director Michele Massimo Tarantini (in Italian with English subtitled). Poster & Still Gallery. Collectible Booklet – Including liner notes, talent bios and "See Italy and die: A Tourist Guide to the Poliziotteschi".

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