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Shaolin Intruders R3 (Region 3 - Shaw Brothers) - Chia, Tang
Releasedatum: 23 oktober 2005
Helmed by acclaimed martial arts choreographer Tang Chia, "Shaolin Intruders" is an entertaining amalgamation of eye-popping martial arts and thrilling detective story. On a routine courier mission, the prestigious Chin Hu Chief was murdered by four mysterious monks. When all evidence pointed to Ching Hua (Liu Yu-po) his friend Lei Hsin (Derek Yee) was determined to clear his name by barging in the Shaolin Temple thrice and intertwined into a intricate web of deception? The film is filled with jaw-dropping sequences developed by Tang, including the "Twelve Vajrayana Array" and "Stool Array" are lauded for their insane complexity and lightning speed.

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