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Hearts And Minds R2 (Uk Import) - Davis, Peter
Releasedatum: 21 november 2005
The controversial but undoubtedly deserved winner of the 1974 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, acclaimed journalist, filmmaker and Pulitzer Prize nominee Peter Davis's Hearts And Minds is a startling work of cinema. Utilizing a variety of sources, including archival newsreel clips along with interviews and footage of the conflict shot by Davis's own film crew in Vietnam, America and Paris, the film presents a powerful, thought-provoking and deeply moving examination of the effects of the Vietnam War on the nations engaged in the conflict, and exposes many of the truths behind America's involvement. Together with cinematographer Richard Pearce and editor Lynzee Klingman, Davis constructed, from over 200 hours of footage, a remarkable documentary that features some of the most recognizable and iconic imagery from the Vietnam War and the era in which it took place, much of which had never been seen by the public prior to the film's release.

DVD Extra's:
Audio commentary by Peter Davis moderated by Nick Bradshaw. Interview with Peter Davis.

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