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My Baby Is Black!/Checkerboard (Region 1) - My Baby Is Black & Checkerboard
Releasedatum: 8 november 2005
While hanging out with her beatnik friends in Paris, Frances, an attractive young white woman, is introduced to Daniel, a handsome black medical student. Sparks fly and despite Daniel's concerns -- "Everywhere you go, people will point at you! Smirk when they see you coming!" -- the two have an affair that results in Francis becoming pregnant. Though her strict parents demand that she'll have an abortion, Frances is determined not only to have Daniel's child, but to shout to the world, "My Baby Is Black!".... A French production shown at U.S. grindhouses back in the day when interracial love was a hot-button topic, My Baby Is Black treads that oh-so-fine line between Art and Exploitation. Plus: The tiny desert town of Cicada is a Checkerboard of poverty and racial tension that explodes when Bob, a 20-year-old white Army veteran, asks the lovely black-skinned Bessie to the Saturday night dance. Uh oh. Bob is attacked by white bigots, though a hooker blames the attack on the blacks. Before long, a lynch mob is looking for someone -- anyone -- to hang and almost strings up Bob until -- get this -- he throws his fake leg at them.... Imagine Southern-style sleaze done as an off-kilter art film by the French and you might have some idea of what to expect from this bizarre mix of sex, racism, and cynical humor.

DVD Extra's:
TV spot. Bonus trailers. French short 'Paris After Hours'. Documentary. Gallery.

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