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Nail Gun Massacre (Region 1) - Leslie, Bill
Releasedatum: 25 oktober 2005
In a small Texas town, the peaceful atmosphere is shattered when a beautiful young woman is the victim of a savage sexual assault by a gang of construction workers. Shortly after this horrific event, a masked killer begins a blood-drenched killing spree with the help of a pneumatic nail gun. Victims are nailed to trees! Lovers are nailed to each other! As the increasingly mutilated bodies begin to pile up, a local sheriff and the town doctor begin an investigation to solve the deadly crimes before the Nail Gun Killer finishes his gruesome masterpiece of industrial strength horror! Will they be able to stop this wisecracking madman in time, or will they be the last unlucky souls to get nailed? Is anyone safe from this gleeful psychopath’s murderous mission? NAIL GUN MASSACRE is the low-budget kill-crazy masterpiece from Texas filmmaker Terry Lofton that has delighted gore fans for over two decades. This Special Edition DVD has been fully restored in High Definition from the last remaining negative materials and is presented in anamorphic widescreen for the first time ever.

DVD Extra's:
"NAILED" A New Featurette Featuring Director Terry Lofton. Outtakes.

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