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Requiem Pour Un Vampire R0 (Special Edition) - Rollin, Jean
Releasedatum: 3 november 2005
Two girls, dressed up as clowns, are on the run. For who or what we do not know. The girls run through deserted fields, cemeteries and forests. At last they arrive in a remote castle, where they meet a vampire and his servants. The vampire is the last of his breed and driven to melancholia because his decadent empire is crumbling before his feet. But he has plans with the two girls: they have to join him and his following. A strange ceremony is planned. The initiation is about to begin…

DVD Extra's:
Disc one:Feature film: Requiem pour un vampire. New anamorphic 16:9 version scanned and colorgraded from the original negatives, unique quality level. The soundtrack is digitally remastered. Languages: French and English. Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish. PAL regionfree. /Disc two: Interview Louise Dhour 10 minutes (English subtitled). Interview Paul Bisciglia 16 minutes (English subtitled). Jean Rollin “Le Dernier livre” (The last book): the Master reads one of his short stories for you! (English subtitled). /Disc three: Audio commentary by Jean Rollin (English language). Alternative scenes. Slideshow with 99 pictures containing lots of behind the scenes photo’s. /Book: Essay on “Requiem pour un vampire” (June 2005). The short story“Le Dernier livre “ (The last book) by Jean Rollin. (English text). Lots of rare photo’s.

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