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George Romero's Season Of Witch/The (Region 1) - Season Of The Witch
Releasedatum: 18 oktober 2005
The 'Lost' films of George A. Romero Now on DVD for the first time ever. After forever changing horror history with Night Of The Living Dead, George A. Romero next directed a pair of rarely seen movies that have been considered 'lost' by critics and fans worldwide. These rare films feature exclusive extras that include a revealing new interview with Romero himself. Filmed as Jack's Wife and briefly released under the title Hungry Wives, Romero's third feature, Season Of The Witch, is the disturbing story of a suburban housewife's descent into extramarital sex and the occult. Jan White stars in this daring drama that The Hollywood Reporter called "hypnotically powerful and suspenseful...and nightmarish vision of female oppression."

DVD Extra's:
The Directors: The Films Of George Romero. Featurette - "Season Of The Witch: The Secret Life Of Jack's Wife. Season Of The Witch Theatrical Trailer. Poster And Still Gallery. Season Of The Witch Trailer. Hungry Wives Credit Sequence. Jack's Wife Credit Sequence.There's Always Vanilla: Short film.Theatrical Trailer. Featurette - Digging Up The Dead: The "Lost" Films of George A. Romero. Trailer. George Romero Bio.

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