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Samurai 7, Vol. 2: Escape From The (Region 1) - Samurai 7 V.2: Escape From The Merc
Releasedatum: 18 oktober 2005
Set in a futuristic world that has just witnessed the end of a massive war, scores of villages are terrorized by Nobuseri bandits. But the Nobuseri are no normal bandits. They were once Samurai, who during the war integrated their living cells with machines to become dangerous weapons now appearing more machine than man. Absolute power corrupts, and the Nobuseri bandits reign of terror is increasing its hold on the countryside. After the mysterious murder of the Imperial Envoy in the Magistrate’s home – with a bloody sword as the only clue – a citywide hunt for all samurai begins. With a high price suddenly on their heads, the band of samurai must quickly escape the city fast.

DVD Extra's:
4 exclusive storyboard books for episodes 5-8 .

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