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Man With The Screaming Brain (Region 1) - Campbell, Bruce
Releasedatum: 4 oktober 2005
Somewhere in Bulgaria, sleazy American industrialist William Cole (Bruce Campbell) is finalizing a tax scam that will earn him millions. Meanwhile, mad scientist Dr. Ivan Ivanov (Stacey Keach) and his demented henchman Pavel (Ted Raimi) have created a drug that can connect human brains like Lincoln Logs. But when an illicit tryst with a sultry hotel maid leads to Cole's murder, Dr. Ivanov reanimates him by transplanting the half-brain of a former KGB operative into Cole's skull. Now, the capitalist and the communist must reconcile their differences to hunt down the beautiful gypsy freak who killed them both.

DVD Extra's:
Theatrical Trailer. "Brain Surgeons: Making The Screaming Brain". "Neurology 101: Evolution Of The Screaming Brain". Audio Commentary with Actor/Director Bruce Campbell and Producer David M. Goodman. Behind-The-Scenes. Storyboard. Gallery. Comic Book Art Gallery. Bruce Campbell Bio.

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