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Ondata Di Piacere/Waves Of Lust R2 (Raro Video - English Subtitles) - Deodato, Ruggero
Releasedatum: 4 oktober 2005
During the second half of the sixties, a series of film were made in Italy inspired by 'Knife in the Water' by Roman Polanski, set on boats and characterized by a mixture of thriller and erotic elements ('Il Sesso degli Angeli'/'The Sex of Angels', 'Interrabang', 'Top Sensation'). 'Waves of Lust' follows on from this tradition during a time, 1975, when Italian cinema was attempting to experiment new paths within the thriller genre. The story for the film is by Lamberto Bava (the son of the master of the gothic genre, Mario Bava) and who was also the assistent director; Gianlorenzo Battaglia, a friend of Bava's, a camera operator specialized in underwater shots; while the script is by Franco Bottari and the writer of detective stories, Fabio Pittorru. However, the major appeal of 'Waves of Lust' lies in the participation of Silvia Dionisio, an actress who was rising to stardom following her appearance in 'Amici Miei'/'My Friends' and who was also the wife of the director, Ruggero Deodato. Her erotic performances in the film are particularly risqué, more than performances Dioniso undertook other contests including a lesbian scene which in certain versions of the film was highly censored. The other female presence, the aforementioned Elizabeth Turner, had on the other hand, a somewhat less high-profile career in films, starting out as a model for advertising and then starring in not more than ten films, despite the fact that some of these ('Chi Sei?'/'Beyond the Door' by Ovidio Assonitis, 'Sette Note in Nero'/'The Psychic' by Lucio Fulci, or 'Apocalypse Domani'/'Invasion of the Flesh Hunters' by Antonio Margheriti) became cult movies. According to some sources, Elizabeth Turner's name was used in the credits to "disguise" the name of the real director of 'Waves of Lust', Ruggero Deodato, but it seems this is an unfounded statement.

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