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Candy Snatchers (Region 1) - Trueblood, Gordon
Releasedatum: 27 september 2005
And so begins THE CANDY SNATCHERS, a prime example of '70s exploitation cinema whose uncompromising nature has garnered near-legendary status. 16-year old Candy Philips (Susan Sennet) is brutally abducted by a trio of amateur criminals hoping for a hasty ransom exchange. Burying their innocent captive alive in the hills of southern California with only a small tube for air, the threesome -- sultry blonde Jessie (Playboy Playmate Tiffany Bolling), her sadistic brother Alan (Brad David) and maladjusted Army vet Eddy (Vincent Martorano) -- suspect things aren't as they appear when Candy's father (Ben Piazza) doesn't show at their agreed rendezvous. Growing anxious as paranoia sets in, the kidnappers fear their meticulous plan is crumbling and begin a downward spiral into depravity, mutilation and cold-blooded murder… with Candy helplessly trapped in the middle. A noirish tale of double-crosses and hidden motivations, this consistently surprising grindhouse item has proven hard to see for far too long. Producer Bryan Gindoff delivers an especially tight script, ably fleshing out his characters within the relentlessly bleak scenario he's concocted. The cast is certainly up to the challenge, with Sennet particularly shining as the ruthlessly violated teen. Not to be outdone, the gorgeous Bolling, queen of drive-in favorites like BONNIE'S KIDS, relishes her time in the spotlight and plays her icy ringleader to perfection. This was director Guerdon Trueblood's only feature effort; mainly a television writer, he later authored genre fare like THE SAVAGE BEES and ANTS. Released theatrically by General Film Corporation in 1973, the film was never legitimately issued on VHS, Laserdisc or DVD. Subversive Cinema is proud to give THE CANDY SNATCHERS its worldwide home video premiere, digitally restored and remastered from its long-lost original camera negative. So grab a shovel and bury those bootlegs -- THE CANDY SNATCHERS is finally here!

DVD Extra's:
Audio Commentary with Tiffany Bolling & Susan Sennett. Biographies. Cast Information. Cast Interviews. 'Sweet Sugar': The Women of The Candy Snatchers Featurette [with Tiffany Bolling & Susan Sennett]. Original Theatrical Trailer. Previews.

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