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Three Swordsmen (Region 1) - Three Swordsmen
Releasedatum: 20 september 2005
Three master swordsmen come together in this dazzling martial arts swordplay actioner starring Andy Lau (HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, MOON WARRIORS), Brigitte Lin (DRAGON INN, THE BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR) and Elvis Tsui (WATER MARGIN)! On the eve of a showdown between Siu Sam-siu (Lau) and Ming Jian (Lin) to decide who is the best swordsman, Siu is framed for murder and finds himself pursued by the righteous constable/swordsman Wang Dao (Tsui). As he tries to clear his name, Siu accidentally stumbles upon a grave conspiracy, and the only way for Siu to uncover it and capture the culprits is to fight both Ming and Dao in a duel to the death.

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