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Sin City R2 Ws (Uk Import) - Rodriguez, Robert
Releasedatum: 26 september 2005
"Walk down the right alley in Sin City and you can find anything..." Welcome to 'Sin City'. This town beckons the tough, the corrupt, the broken-hearted. Some call it dark. Hard boiled. Then there are those who call it home. Crooked cops. Sexy dames. Desperate vigilantes. Some are seeking revenge. Others lust after redemption. And then there are those hoping for a little of both. A universe of unlikely and reluctant heroes still trying to do the right thing in a city that refuses to care. Their stories - shocking, suspenseful and searing, come to the fore in a film that is literally a comic book come to life from co-directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, plus special guest director Quentin Tarantino.

DVD Extra's:
Behind the Scenes of 'Sin City'.

€ 11.99

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