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Pearls Before Swine R2 - Wolstencroft, Richard
Releasedatum: 9 september 2005
After a striking opening scene and a demented title sequence, Pearls Before Swine brings the audience a merciless execution of young homeless boys by three hitmen. Among them Daniel Wingrove who is soon asked to do another job: to kill controversial writer Morton J. Bugs. While preparing the job, Daniel spend times with his sexslave Christy Rise, taking her into different Fetisch and S&M games. He also meets librarians in a quest to find old numbers of vintage spanking, Fetisch and S&M political magazines. Daniel soon begins to hallucinate and that will lead him to an unexpected denouement the night it's time to deliver Mister Bugs his ticket to hell. To the new dawn! Leading character Daniel Wingrowe is portrayed by controversial philosopher & artist Boyd Rice, the man behind music phenomenon NON. Director Richard Wolstencroft doesn't hide from the fact that he loves sex and violence on film. In 1992 he wrote and co-directed with his companion John Hewitt (Redball, Grim) their feature debut Bloodlust. This vampire slasher film quickly grew up to a cult status among horror fans.

DVD Extra's:
Camera test. Audio commentary. Short film. Trailer. Deleted scenes. Bloopers. Outtakes. Interviews.

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