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Zontar: Thing From Venus/The Eye Cr (Region 1) - Zontar: Thing From Venus & Eye Crea
Releasedatum: 23 augustus 2005
Often ridiculed by loftier peer groups, the films of Texas director Larry Buchanan have fascinated and mystified viewers for decades. Working with impossibly low budgets of $30,000 Buchanan would attempt such ambitious subjects as the end of the world by nuclear holocaust, past life regression, and invaders from far-off galaxies. The resulting films would almost always be met with either yawns, dumbstruck stares of incredulity, or outright gales of unrestrained laughter. While Buchanan's heart was in the right place it was often apparant that his camera wasn't. Bad judgement and amateur theatrics doomed the films to the relative obscurity of late night TV where the programs hibernated for years putting countless unwary viewers into an instant sleep state. Each movie featured a former box-office star in decline and these were no exception. 'Zontar''s John Agar was picking up whatever work he could find fter alcoholism had pretty much destroyed a once promising career in studio pictures. 'Beach Party' regular John Ashley was still working through his divorce with teen star Debra Walley and headed for new success in the Philippines when he made the mistake of stopping off in Texas for 'The Eye Creatures' for a quick paycheck. Both films detail the ravages of an alien invasion with varying degrees of success, but regardless of the final outcome, the legion of Buchanan fans will undoubtedly be delighted to warm up the old cathode ray tube with these two outings by AIP's maestro of schlock. Put the "snooze alarm"on now. Zontar commands it!

DVD Extra's:
'Remembering John Ashley' featurette.

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