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Dead Leaves (Cult Epics) - Werner, Constantin
Releasedatum: 4 augustus 2005
Constantin Werner's award winning debut feature Dead Leaves is the story of a young man who travels with the corpse of his deceased girlfriend from New York City to West Virginia. When Laura (Elizabeth Gondek) falls to an accidental death her already unbalanced boyfriend Joey (Haim Abramsky) suffers a breakdown. He steals her body and escapes on a self-destructive journey through lonely motels and rainy villages. While Joey is trying to preserve Laura's fading beauty in strange rituals he is haunted by the memories of the happy and dark moments of their relationship. As she starts to decay physically, he descends mentally and emotionally.

DVD Extra's:
Director's Commentary. The Making of Dead Leaves, a film by Roland Andrijauskas.

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