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Living Doll, The (Mondo Macabro - Region 1) - Dugdale, George
Releasedatum: 26 juli 2005
Medical student Howard is a troubled young man. He is in love with the beautiful Christine, the girl who sells flowers at the hospital where he works. Unfortunately she barely knows he exists. Then, one night, the body of an accident victim is brought into the morgue. To his horror, Howard discovers it is the body of Christine... Unable to believe that she is really dead, Howard takes the body back to his apartment. Suddenly Christine starts to talk, asking Howard to take revenge on all the people who caused her death. With stunning SFX from Paul Catling of Hellraiser fame, this is one of the most unusual love stories ever told.

DVD Extra's:
Interview with lead actor Mark Jax. Interview with writer Paul Hart-Wilden. Bonus documentary: Making of a Horror Film. Bonus featurette: David McGillivray's Diary. Bonus short: Horrorshow. Original Trailer. Huge gallery of rare stills and posters.

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