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What Did The Lady Forget (Region 3 - Hong Kong Import) - Ozu, Yasujiro
Releasedatum: 30 juni 2005
The lives of Professor Komiya and his socialite wife Tokiko are turned upside down when their spoilt niece Setsuko comes to stay with them from Osaka. Setsuko discovers Komiya lying to Tokiko about going off to play golf when in fact he's gone to a Ginza bar. She follows him and insists on being taken to a geisha house. When their conspiracy backfires, Setsuko incites Komiya to teach her overbearing aunt a lesson. Komiya slaps Tokiko. However, to Tokiko's disappointment, he soon apologises, but Tokiko is charmed by his manliness. On a date with Komiya's student Okada, Setsuko negotiates how they will treat each other once married.

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