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Immoral Mr Teas/Eve & The Hand R2 (Uk Import) - Meyer, Russ
Releasedatum: 20 juni 2005
This dvd double set features the following two films by legendary cult director Russ Meyer: 'The Immoral Mr Teas' and 'Eve and the Handyman'. 'The Immoral Mr Teas': “THE IMMORAL MR TEAS... America's first classic skinflick. A film that dared to laugh at all the pretentiousness of its predecessors... unabashedly depicting the living pinup, the mythical woman, the unblemished, unpimpled, unsweaty, hothouse fruit, which could never be fondled or touched, only looked at and dreamed about. Starring the comical BILL TEAS with his capacious corps of BOSOMY BEAUTIES...Ann Peters, Marilyn Westly, Dawn Dennelle, and Michele Roberts. THE IMMORAL MR TEAS...the "real" man next door!” 'Eve & The Handyman': “Man’s Ideal Female Image, as played by the voluptua - EVE MEYER... the poor little man snarled on the highroads of life by the out-of-reach signposts that painfully mislead him from his natural destiny... moral and evil contesting in shades of grey... the grand-eloquent way sex is "dished" out in our modern day and age, the climatic pleasure of the happy ending... to which we would all like to be committed. With a toast to unconscious dream fulfilment and conscious audience participation plus entertainment... we give you EVE AND THE HANDYMAN!”

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