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Wild Gals Of Naked West/Blacks R2 (Uk Import) - Meyer, Russ
Releasedatum: 20 juni 2005
This dvd features two films by legendary cult director Russ Meyer: 'Wild Gals of the Naked West' and 'Blacksnake'. 'Wild Gals of the Naked West': A hilarious parody on the Hollywood Western Movie investigating the ghost towns of the west... a grizzled "old-timer" and the story of his town and how it died. The ever-present shoot-out... brutal fist fights... bullies tormenting the weak... women of easy virtue. The stage is set for the introduction of the villainous "Snake Wolf" and his girl "Goldie Nuggets". Snake is the epitome of evil, Goldie the essence of physical beauty. Surrounding them, their minions, the dregs of humanity... cruel men and their voluptuous women! 'Blacksnake': No man escaped her island ...or her whip! Lady Susan Walker runs her plantation as a cruel mistress, mistreating her subordinates until they can take it no more. By the end the exploited revolt and take bitter revenge against their tormentors...

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