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In The Realms Of The Unreal (Region 1) - Yu, Jessica
Releasedatum: 21 juni 2005
Henry Darger, an elderly recluse, spent his childhood in an Illinois asylum for feeble-minded children and his adulthood working as a janitor. He lived a quiet, nearly solitary existence, but his imaginary life was exciting, colorful and sexually provocative. When he died in Chicago in 1973, his landlady discovered in his room 300 paintings, some over 10 feet long, and a 15,000-page illustrated novel (The Realms Of The Unreal), which told the epic story of the virtuous Vivian Girls, seven angelic sisters who lead a rebellion against godless, child-enslaving men. Featuring Dakota Fanning and Larry Pine as narrators and imaginative animation of Darger's work, Oscar winner Jessica Yu (Breathing Lessons) brings to life on of the twentieth century's greatest self-taught artists.

DVD Extra's:
Interview. Photo gallery. Storyboards. Trailer.

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