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Marley Magic - Live In Central Park
Releasedatum: 1 februari 2002
Although over five years old, this stageshow sounds and even looks fresh. 'Marley Magic' brings together most members of the Marley clan in an open-air concert staged in Central Park. Opening acts are Julian Marley and Damian a.k.a. Junior Gong (funny to see the last one sporting a curly instead of locks). The two share the stage and bring songs like 'Me Name Junior Gong' and 'Lion In The Morning'. Next up is Yvad, a singer who is mostly forgotten by now but at the time of shooting was the latest addition to the Tuff Gong label. Mama Rita takes the mic and sings a couple of Marley favourites along with a few of her own compositions like 'Harambe' and 'Good Gal Culture'. Her biggest hit, 'One Draw', is missing however. Maybe this ganja anthem is too much for a Central Park all day musical event. The melody makes close up the show and, just like their predecessors, bring a mixture of Bob Marley’s and their own hits. Sound and picture are both excellent.

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