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House Of Fury R0 (Hong Kong Import) - Fung, Steven
Releasedatum: 4 mei 2005
As a widowed father, Yue Siu Bo (Anthony Wong) lived his live as a Chinese chiropractor. His son and daughter, Nicky (Stephen Fung) and Natalie (Gillian Chung), learned martial arts from Yue but were tired of their father’s bragging of his heroic past, so they stayed away from him, but on the other hand, the children constantly quarreled with each other, the family was never in harmony.   One day, a mysterious person, Rocco (Michael Wong), arrived in his wheelchair in Yue’s Clinic and asked for a person called Tai Chi Lung. Later on, Yue was found disappeared, leaving behind his clinic a mess. With the assistance of Yue’s old friend Uncle Chiu (Wu Ma), Natalie’s best friend Ella (Chalene Choi) and boyfriend Jason (Daniel Wu), the children successfully escaped from the assassins showed up in their school and found out Uncle Chiu was actually a retired undercover. Astonishingly, there was actually a secret background behind Yue which the children would never have thought of. Now their father’s life was in danger, they had to unite together and ready for an impossible mission, but on the other side they were facing, was a gang of brutal killers.

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