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Tragedy Of Japan R3 (Region 3- Hong Kong Import) - Keisuke, Kinoshita
Releasedatum: 26 mei 2005
At the close of the war, a widowed mother makes every possible sacrifice to bring up her ungrateful son and daughter. They gradually reject her in search for the material comforts she cannot provide, and she commits suicide in despair. Although less known to foreign audiences and critics compared to such fellow filmmakers as Kurosawa and Mizoguchi, Keisuke Kinoshita is in fact a more famous household figure in his native country. He is also the most prolific of his generation, turning out 49 films throughout his career, many of which were huge hits and award-winners. "Tragedy Of Japan" is a powerful criticism of post-war ruthless individualism and stands as one of the best films by this human and stylish master.

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