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I Don't Know What Your Eyes Did To (Region 1) - Munoz, Lorena
Releasedatum: 24 mei 2005
Argentine singer and tango legend Ada Falcón disappeared without a trace in 1942, at the height of her career. Sixty years later, filmmakers Lorena Muñoz and Sergio Wolf trace the life of the enigmatic performer in this unique documentary, told in the style of a classic thriller. Using footage of Falcón's appearances in classic Argentine films and voice-over narration, Muñoz and Wolf's onscreen investigation finally locates the reclusive superstar, sequestered away as a Franciscan nun. When Falcón emerges for the first time in 60 years to tell her story, the result is an intimate and deeply moving payoff to this fascinating examination of an icon.

€ 27.99

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